Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What do you do?

We provide a platform and lifeline to support Irish families search for their loved ones.

How long does it take to find a missing person?

Most missing people are found safe and well within a few days or weeks, but sadly some are not and the search goes on longer.

How do I list a missing person with you?

Click the register button on the top of this page you’ll be asked to make a payment on $1 then when your account is setup you can fill in the profile information of your person. 

How do I submit a tip about a missing person?

On the page of the person fill out the contact box on the bottom and click submit, your tip will be sent for moderation and once approved it will be sent to the person who created the profile. You can also contact local law enforcement.

Do you charge to list people?

We charge 1 USD per month to list a person on our website and share through social media. This goes towards our web hosting costs.